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Hi this Podcast was the result of the loss of my husband in a tragic vehicle accident which also resulted in severe injuries to one of my granddaughters. My story is one of recovery, survival and regular life events of a widow who is forced by every day events to continue to work and meet challenges that only one that has lost a spouse can understand email us at cheriecast@gmail.com

A Podcast that gives advice on life changes.

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CCAST-2009-11-28 #40 She’s Back

Huge apologies for being gone so long. It has been a crazy fall. Lot’s to get you caught up on though. We have some video for you to check out this time. Will be working on gettting a better webcam for the next show.

Topics for Todays Podcast Include:

  • An Interesting Transition
  • Camper Cabin
  • Vegas and BlogWorld Expo
  • Favorite Sayings
  • A Traditional Christmas

CCAST-2009-04-18 #37

With the passing of my mom, I have had my hands full this past month. Todd and I get caught up in a big way. Here are the topics from today’s show.

  • Columbus – Shopping
  • Guest on Judys Blast from Past
  • Train Syndrome
  • Martha – Backed up Farther than some have gone forward
  • Glenn Beck – Ben – Survivorship
  • Mothers Death  – Weight Lifted
  • Jim’s Surgery
  • Sorting House for Sale
  • Double Cats

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We catch up with Cherie from the time she left Hawaii went back to Virgina and then home to Michigan. This episode covers the following topics.

  • Homeward Bound
  • Hospice
  • Hospital x2
  • PC Trouble
  • To-do
  • Visit from Ghost

In this episode I think you all will understand that we may be coming to a new juncture here soon. Time will tell.

CCAST-2008-09-07 #33 Tribute to Bob

This is a special edition of the CherieCast it is a 2-3 part show. This show specifically focuses on the the Late Robert George Cochrane and is a tribute about his life. Cherie and Todd share some thoughts about him and his life.

This show is meant to be documentation for the Grand Children so that they can better understand who their Grandfather was.

Take a walk down memory lane. We encourage family members to submit tribute items to cheriecast@gmail.com

You can Support Cherie and the show by using the GoDaddy Promo Code “Pod58”

CCAST-2008-08-09 #32

Sorry for the long absence we have been crazy busy. Lots of good Tidbits in this show.

We recorded the show live on Mogulus today and will be trying to get Cherie’s Webcam up in the stream next go around. Had a few small technical difficulties hope the Audio turned out ok. Topics today include:

  • Natalie Graduation
  • Punks with No Respect
  • Issues with GrandParents
  • 99 Birthday of my Dad
  • The call form the 87 Yr Old Uncle
  • GPS (How did I do without it)
  • Amish Feedback (Letters)
  • Lana Dee comes to Visit
  • HDTV Observations
  • Podcamp Ohio

Feedback can be sent to cheriecast@gmail.com

Turns out we were not a 100% ready with Cherie’s Webcam but at least you can watch the show live as it was recorded from the remote studio.

CCAST-2008-06-01 #30

Pretty amazing month and quite the emotional ride with lots of ups and downs. In this show we cover the following topics

  • Parental Accolades
  • Honey Moon is Over
  • Oils
  • Keeping the Sanity
  • Deck Project
  • Camper Cabin’
  • Customer Emotional Suppoer
  • Vehicle Issues
  • Storm Chasing
  • Natalie Graduation

If you are starting to listen to the podcast on this episode it may be advisable to go back a couple of shows to start…

CCAST-2008-05-03 #29

This is a live recording of the CherieCast aka Cherie and Todd are in the same location. We cover some great topics today.

  • Composting Country Style
  • Research on Essential Oils
  • Quiet on the Home Front
  • Trucker Tom
  • Deck being Finished after 2 years
  • The Produce Freeze
  • Going HD
  • Andy McCaskey

CCAST-2008-01-20 #26

Cherie catches you up on the what has been happening with therapy for the granddaughter. Parents in hospital and travels two and from Virginia. She also shares with Todd what she thinks could have been a visit from Dad in the form of some mysterious light activity.